Your words matter.

Your words tell your story.

They position your business and help your customers make the connection between what you offer and the results that they need.

Let's work together to create great content and communications for your business.

Specializing in cause communication and storytelling.

Your words matter. Be defined by them.


Communications strategy
Brand message & position | Crisis communication Reputation management

Content strategy
Audience development | Channel research
Editorial planning

Writing & editing
Blog & websites | Editorial | Email newsletters
Marketing & public relations materials
Social conversations | Storytelling

Good words

"Knowing exactly what you want to say and how to say it are two very different things. There is an art to editing a message so it’s not only crystal clear, but engaging as well. Sure, I’m a good writer, many of us are. But taking your good copy and making it great is what you need to stand out. Tracie is fiercely passionate about words – about making each and every one accurate, strategic, and purposeful."
Carrie Libera, Content & Media Strategist
"Dependable, efficient, strategic and fun are all words I'd use to describe Tracie. Her forward thinking added tremendous value to our organization as we navigated new waters. She will no doubt be an asset to any client or company."
Sara Floor, Communications Strategist


Meet Tracie


I can tell you all of the wonderful things that I think about myself, but as any good PR pro knows, it means more coming from someone else. I asked friends and colleagues for one word to define me and this is what they offered: undaunted, steadfast and dedicated. They also said: smart, witty and passionate. As a writer, I can paint a picture of what that means for your nonprofit: Like any great coach, I’m going to challenge you to do better, to not just do the work to get it done, but to work toward the greatest return. And then, when the hard work pays off (and it will), you and your staff will put me in a soundproof booth because my cheers of joy for your success are going to be loud.


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